The doo-wop of your dreams can be yours with custom entertainment elements from Atmospheric Entertainment, with roaming performers to accent your 1950’s themed party, from doo-wop dances to nifty fifties prom themes. Your guests will be enchanted while chatting with a leather jacket Greaser, cooled out Beatnik, a Poindexter and more at your event. Your guests will love these characters, and walk away with a story to tell the day after!


The High School Hero has arrived. High letterman jacket spotless and football in hand, he would love to tell you all about the time in singlehandedly wont the game against the Farwell Hornets or dunked that one kid from English class in the toilet. Why would you want to invite someone like that? He's one of the popular kids, obviously!

bad girls

Skin tight leggings and leather jackets will steal the show with a sharp as knives attitude from our 1950's bad girl. Who knows what will happen next with this firecracker prowling around your party, we know one thing for sure, it definitely won't be boring!


Atmospheric Entertainment Greaser Character

You'll see that slicked back hair and white t-shirt from a mile away on our bad boy greaser. Full of energy and always up to something, your guests will have a blast chatting up this 1950's punk while he charms the ladies and tries to get all the guys to join his crew!


Too cool for school in their black turtlenecks and matching beret, these beatniks will keep things super cool with their snappy impromptu poetry and snarky comebacks. These guys think they're the cat's pajamas, so don't be too taken aback by their holier-than-thou attitude, they just can't help themselves!


You'll know exactly who you're dealing with when you see the high waisted pants, suspenders, and of course those nerdy glasses. Nobody is quite sure how this total dork got into your party, just make sure you don't let them ruin your image by hanging out with this total poindexter!